Happy Valentines Day !

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Best Wishes from all at WDC Adopt a Dolphin

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  1. Catrin Jones says:

    Hi Charlie Phillips,
    I have been following your blog for a while now and when I am older would like to be a zooligist or marine biologist specialising in cetacaens. Watching dolphins everyday must be amazing even if it isn't garenteed! If I wanted to do some research in Whales and dolphins would I have to have any experience like volunteering or something as I know that to be a vet you need lots of work expierence. The only problem is, is that many volunteering oppatunities are only availble for 16 year olds or over and as I am only 13 i can not go yet. Would you know any places I could volunteer at the age of 13 or do I just need to be patient and wait until I'm old enough? Thanx a bunch : - )

  2. Charlie Phillips says:

    Hi Catrin,

    Great to hear from you ! The problem with volunteering when you are under 16 is insurance...in fact in a lot of cases for a charity or an employer it might even be 18 depending on what country you are talking about but I think that here in the UK it is 16 so I'm really sorry but you are just going to have to hang on for a little while yet ! Don't let this put you off though...it would be great to have someone as keen and as caring as you doing some volunteering for us at WDC some day.

    Best Wishes,


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